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Vancity Greeking

About Us

I started working in the Film Industry in 2015. I quickly transitioned from a PA role into the Set Decorating department.

  From projects that included removing those pesky Home Sense price labels, to applying vinyl graphics, I loved all of it. Well, up until the task of Greeking. It wasn't the actual process of Greeking that I disliked, but rather the "tools" for the job were never presented in an efficient and appealing way.

  When it comes to trying to improve the way something is done in the Film Industry, I would say that the majority of us have our suggestions, but making it become a reality is near impossible. That's why I wanted to actually do something about the less than pleasant Rolls of Vinyl that we carry, giving them the name of a "Greeking Kit". I found one other company located in the USA with this idea. However, for a production located in Canada, waiting for Cross-Border shipping times and delays is much less desirable. 

  All orders ship from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Local Delivery is available for the Lower Mainland. If for some reason, Local Delivery doesn't show up at checkout, simply reach out via email: [email protected]

  Thank you for considering my small, local BC shop for all your greeking needs